SHTHEADZ Handcrafted Beanies Scarfs and Apparel

So why Shtheadz and why do I crochet?  My friend's grandmother taught me how to crochet when I was 19.  Yea, I was still out there skateboarding, snowboarding, hanging out at Wawa and doing all the normal things that teenagers did but I also had a secret weapon.  I knew how to crochet.  She was a very talented woman with a huge heart and I want her to know how grateful I am, as a man, that she taught me this skill.  
I started making different types of beanies and hats for my friends when we went snowboarding, hunting, fishing etc etc.  Everybody loved them and I love seeing people wearing my handmade beanies.  
The name came from a joke that my friend Eric came up with.  I never thought it would be around this long!!  I want to thank everyone who has supported me by wearing my $#!T.